Partner With NPP As A Realtor!

At National Prime Properties, we emphasize the power of collaboration to gain new perspectives. As a real estate investment company, we specialize in evaluating properties in many ways in order to create opportunity out of challenge. Our goal is to bring realtors and sellers to the closing table when it might not have seemed possible. By working with us, you can expect to do more deals and help more clients.

Why Work With Us?

  • We Solve Unique Seller Situations: We specialize in helping sellers in unique situations, such as pre-foreclosure or low equity sellers who would have ended up losing money when selling their property. We also buy fixers, land, and rentals.

  • We Invest Into You: As we do deals with you, we take a portion of our profits and reinvest into you through our Agent Reward System. We take pride in accelerating the growth of your active and passive income!

  • Double The Commission: If you desire, you have the option to represent National Prime Properties as the buyer in the transaction, potentially earning double the commission.

How Do We Work Together?

The Opportunity:

We'll send you our buy criteria and challenging situations that we can help with. If a property comes up, email or text us with the details.

Collaboration Stage:

We'll reach out to you to understand the seller's full situation. Then we'll create the best possible offer and terms to fit the seller's circumstances.

Smooth Closing:

If the seller chooses our offer, we will proceed to escrow and ensure a smooth process to the finish line! Constant communication will be kept.

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